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Hey there, literary explorers!
Welcome to our little corner of the web, where the magic of Global English Literature comes alive! I’m your guide on this thrilling journey through the diverse and enchanting world of stories, characters, and cultural contexts that shape the global narrative.
Now, picture this: you, me, and a cup of virtual coffee (or tea, your call) as we embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries, emotions, and nuances woven into the fabric of global literary traditions. As your teacher, I come to you not just armed with degrees and academic know-how, but with a passion for stories that transcend borders, cultures, and time.
In the vast universe of Global English Literature, we’ll dive into tales from different corners of the world, exploring how they reflect the richness and diversity of human experience. We’re talking about everything – from the classics that have stood the test of time to contemporary voices shaping the narrative as we speak.
But hey, this isn’t just about books and essays – it’s about connecting with characters, understanding cultures, and honing the skills that will make you a literary ninja in the global arena. From enhancing your language prowess to developing a critical eye and embracing the beauty of diverse perspectives, our journey together is set to be both insightful and downright fun.
So, whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or just getting started on your literary adventure, buckle up and get ready for a ride filled with discoveries, discussions, and a dash of that awe-inspiring literary magic.
Cheers to the wonders of Global English Literature – where every page is a ticket to a new world, waiting to be explored! 📚✨

Free Courses:

Understanding the Sounds of English

The English language has many different sounds that make it up. These sounds include vowels and consonants, and they help us tell one word apart from another. To become good at English and talk to native speakers easily, it’s important to understand how these sounds work together.

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ELITE Global

English Literature For International curriculums | Age 12 and above

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Registration fee: LKR 5000/= 
Monthly Fee: 5000/=


English Literature For Sri Lankan curriculum | O/L students

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Registration fee: LKR 2500/= 
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English Literature For Sri Lankan curriculum | A/L students

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Registration fee: LKR 5000/= 
Monthly Fee: 5000/= 
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